Tori Avery, photographer

Tori Ilene Photography is a Murrieta and San Diego based business that specializes in weddings, family, high school senior portraits, and kids!

I got my first camera for Christmas when I was 10 years old and that Christmas I took a picture of all of my presents and all of my family. By the end of the day I had used 4 rolls of film, and that is what started my fascination with people, life, and photography! Since then I have documented my life in pictures! I almost feel that if I don't get a picture of something then it didn't really happen. It is a passion that I am excited and honored to share with others! Everybody is unique and I love capturing the moment and embracing the day through the images I take!

I am a wife and a mother and I love my family very much! I love San Diego and have lived here for most of my life! I love baking cookies! I love coffee! I love watching the Food Channel and TLC! I love waking up early and going on long walks! And I especially love capturing life in pictures!

To me, pictures are fun, expressive, emotional, personal, and worth cherishing, and that is why I love being a photographer, having as much fun as I can along the way!

photos compliments of Riley Ann Photography & Jme Portraits